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Wine Styles

Here at Robert Stein we produce a number of different styles of red and white wines. Ranging from dry through to semisweet whites, and light soft tannin through to rich, complex red wines with a fine dry finish.

The wines are made from fruit grown on the property and selected Mudgee vineyards. Some of the styles and blends produced have been passed down from Robert Stein himself, while others have been developed by Jacob to best reflect the quality of fruit grown in a given season, and the varietal and Mudgee regional characteristics.


The first blocks in the vineyard were planted by Robert in 1976 and these have been extended over the years to now encompass about 12ha (30 acres). Most the vineyard is situated 550m above sea level and on a gently sloping sight. The soils ranging from shale to quartz in the upper part of the vineyard and moving to richer more loamy as you move down the slope.

Being at this altitude means the vineyard receives the warm days cool nights required for the grapes to develop mature flavours while retaining their freshness and natural acidity that helps to produce a quality wine.

Wine Styles

Robert established the vineyard in 1976 with plantings of Chardonnay, Shiraz, Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Over the following years the vineyard was extended to include Cabernet, Merlot and Semillon. Being situated 550m above sea level the vineyard is considered cool climate and so well suited to the varieties planted.

Wine Making

Being a boutique size winery allows Jacob to use a very hands on approach to the winemaking, and means that small batch winemaking is possible. The use of modern and traditional techniques helps to get the most out of the fruit each season. These methods combined with many of the varieties being handpicked, helps us to produce a better quality, handmade wine for you to enjoy.

Wine Ranges

There are a number of different Range’s on offer, each with their own unique styling and winemaking.

  • Riesling

    The Stein family has a long history with Riesling, dating back to 1838 and among the first to successfully plant the variety in Australia. Nowadays it is the family flagship variety, with three Riesling styles being made most years.

    Our Dry Riesling is sourced from numerous vineyards in Mudgee, including the Historic Miramar vineyard.

    Our Half Dry Riesling is made from the bottom half of our own vineyard, and the ferment is stopped early to leave some residual sugar.

    The Reserve Riesling is only made in the best years, when the fruit is exceptional. It is sourced from the top few Rows of our block, planted in 1976. This style is quite Germanic, using wild fermentation in old oak casks to create an intense Riesling, built for longevity.

    Both Jacob and Lisa have a natural affinity with Riesling, having both worked in Germany over numerous vintages.

    Since 2008, The Robert Stein Riesling range has won over 50 gold medals and 30 trophies at numerous local, national and international wine shows.

    A recent big win was our 2009 Riesling winning the prestigious ‘Best Australian Museum Riesling’ at the Canberra International Riesling Challenge in 2016.

  • Farm Series

    Offers soft fruity style of easy drinking wines.

  • Sparkling

    A traditional sparkling style using Chardonnay/Pinot Noir is complemented with an Australian classic, Sparkling Shiraz. Both are made using the traditional Charmat method.

  • Premium

    Made from the premium grapes grown on the property and within the Mudgee Region. These are great everyday wines, which will also age well if given the chance.

  • Reserve

    Made using the best fruit, often from the older vineyard blocks, which is hand-picked before being naturally fermented (no commercial yeasts used) to produce a rich, complex wine that has a long finish. While these wines are often drinking well on their release, they are wines which will reward long term cellaring.

  • Desert & Fortified

    The sweeter end of the night wines which range from Botrytis Semillon, a true dessert wine, through to the fortified Rum Cask Tawny.

The Region

Winemaking and grape growing has a long history in the Mudgee region and dates back to the 1850’s, a time of the Gold Rushes in Gulgong and Hill End. These early plantings resulted in Mudgee being the home of Australian Chardonnay, and having some of the oldest, original chardonnay clones, the Busby Clone, left in the world.

While historically Mudgee is known for Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Chardonnay, the region has shown it has the versatility in being able to grow, and grow well, a very wide spectrum of grape varieties. Some of the alternative varieties that have proven to do well in the Mudgee region include Riesling, Zinfandel, Sangiovese and Tempranillo.

Ranging in elevation between 450 – 1100 meters above sea level, the Mudgee Region has warm days and cool nights during the ripening season. This gives the whites the ability to mature flavours while still retaining their freshness and natural acidity. Mudgee is now known for being able to produce award winning Riesling, comparable to those from the Eden and Clare Valleys.

These favourable growing conditions also allow the reds to fully ripen creating red wines that are deep, rich and intense, with great earthiness, fine dry tannins and the ability to age well.

Robert Stein Vineyard, Winery and Farm’s Jacob Stein was the recipient of the Young Winemaker of the Year Award in 2012. The Gourmet Traveller WINE team dropped in to his vineyard and winery in the Mudgee Region to see what he’s been up to since winning the award. Jacob talked toThe Gourmet Traveller WINE about his family’s love for riesling and the Mudgee Wine Region, and what makes a great wine. Our Riesling Wineclub package can be purchased here.

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